About Us

What is SB-RIV-CAHF?

As a group, members of the San Bernardino/Riverside Chapter of CAHF strive for excellence each and every day. The long-term care community is one where expectations are high and demands are constant. Our chapter strives to provide:

  • Excellence through cooperation and communication
  • Resources to our members in a collaborative mentality
  • Quality care and service outcomes are dependent on those providing the service
  • Information through the strength and wisdom of our members
  • Tools needed for success
  • A forum where ideas and information are shared freely, the greatest resource at our disposal

The San Bernardino/Riverside Chapter of CAHF is comprised of dedicated volunteer members and officers:

  • Leaders provide hours of selfless service working for the best interest of our members
  • We continually seek input from our members regarding the best ways to meet their needs

Click to download a PDF copy of our Bylaws.

2022 Officers

Tony Hunter
(951) 682-4833

Vice President
Jennifer Contreras

Bradley Steege

Allan Engelauf

Members at Large

Aaron Andersen
Sam Goings
Ted Holt
Ron Papp
Joan Redden
Randy Redden
Pat Sanders
Bianca Shogren
Alisha Vinson
Thomas Lovinger

How Can We Help?

Our goal is to continuously develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding required to improve the quality of care delivered throughout our industry and raise the status quo.