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Super Star trophies

Congratulations to the 2022 CAHF Superstars representing the Riverside/San Bernardino Chapter!

These Superstars were 4 of 20 staff chosen from the thousands of staff throughout California Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Raquel Caperon, CNA, Centinela Grand Inc.
Roxana Hernandez, RNA, Bayshire Rancho Mirage
Precious Obiora, MHW/CNA/Scheduler, Vista Pacifica Center
Gwen Warhop, CNA, Vista Pacifica Convalescent

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newsletter iconCAHF News, is the premier source of information on long-term care in California and is rated by our members as one of the most important reasons to belong to CAHF. 

vote ballot iconEach year bills that have a potential impact on long-term care come before the state Legislature. CAHF carefully analyzes these bills and lobbies when necessary to support long-term care providers’ interests.

educational iconThe educational arm of CAHF (QCHF), will train over 10,000 long-term care professionals this year. Members receive discounts on educational seminars and publications.

police enforcement iconCalifornia providers operate under one of the most stringent enforcement systems in the nation. We actively monitor the activities of enforcement agencies and seek change where necessary.

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Our goal is to continuously develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding required to improve the quality of care delivered throughout our industry and raise the status quo.