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Why join CAHF?

The California Association of Health Facilities (CAHF) is a non-profit professional association founded in 1950 to serve as a statewide organization for long-term care providers. The Association and its members are dedicated to improving the quality of long-term health care in California through educational programs and proactive advocacy with the Legislature and administrative agencies.

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CAHF provides the highest level of return for your investment. The services and opportunities provided are without par in the industry. Your membership illustrates a continued commitment to positive growth and development for your facility, company and your dedicated associates.

Steve Flood, Membership Chair, SB-RIV-CAHF

CAHF and our local chapter support our members through:

1) Strong and effective advocacy with state government

Each year hundreds of bills which have potential impact on long-term care come before the state Legislature. CAHF carefully analyzes these bills and lobbies when necessary to support long-term care providers' interests. Our legislative agenda is developed by CAHF's Government Relations Committee and advanced in the Legislature. Additionally, CAHF staff are in daily contact with the state departments of Health Services, Social Services, Mental Health, Developmental Services, Consumer Affairs as well as OSHPD, the state fire marshal, and the Attorney General's Office.

Ten Reasons to Belong to CAHF

2) Promotion of long-term care and protection of the market share

There are constant challenges to long-term care from trial attorneys, activists and government bureaucrats who are typically short on facts and long on rhetoric when advancing a negative stereotype of long-term care. CAHF serves as a "truth squad" to set the record straight with the media, legislators and the public. CAHF's Public Advocacy team is here to help members promote a positive image with the media.

3) Holding enforcement staff accountable

California providers operate under one of the most stringent enforcement systems in the nation. CAHF is working to streamline the system, eliminate duplicative and onerous regulations and create a balanced system which measures and supports quality care. We actively monitor the activities of enforcement agencies and seek change where necessary.

4) Instant consultative services

If a member provider has a problem, CAHF staff are available to help. Whether the problem be with CDPH, DSS, EDS, OSHPD or any of the myriad other agencies with oversight responsibilities, CAHF experts can get you steered in the right direction and intervene directly on issues of statewide significance. Our staff of 40 includes an attorney, a nurse, a certified public accountant, reimbursement specialists and nursing facility administrators, just to mention a few.

5) Low cost, quality educational programs for long-term care professionals

Quality Care Health Foundation, the educational arm of CAHF, will train more than 10,000 long term-care professionals this year in subjects ranging from infection control to cost reporting. Members receive discounts on educational seminars and publications.

6) Access to important news and information

CAHF's bi-weekly newsletter, CAHF News, is the premier source of information on long-term care in California. It is consistently rated by our members as one of the most important reasons to belong to CAHF. Members also receive e-mail Alerts with information about breaking news on important issues.

7) The CAHF Web Site

For the most up to date and comprehensive source of information on long-term care, visit the CAHF Web site at www.cahf.org. CAHF News and the Latest News are available, as well as information on regulatory issues, reimbursement, pending and past legislation, workforce issues and education opportunities. Additionally, members can network with other long-term care professionals by participating in any of CAHF's specialized e-mail discussion groups.

8) CAHF dues more than pay their own way

CAHF recently identified an error in the state's calculation of 2001-02 licensing fees for nursing facilities, intermediate-care facilities, and intermediate-care facilities for the developmentally disabled that should result in savings for providers of approximately $52 per bed, or $5,130 for a typical 99-bed facility. CAHF's Audits and Appeals project has also helped reduce the high percentage of audit disallowance experienced by providers. In 2001, CAHF analyzed more than 365 Medi-Cal audits and assisted in opening 66 appeals and recovering more than $3.5 million for the current rate year.

9) Litigation support

For a number of reasons, individual facilities or companies may be reluctant to litigate issues of importance to the industry. When such action is indicated, CAHF often steps in.

10) Discounts on products and services

CAHF offers a long list of products available to members at discount prices. From health and liability insurance to group purchasing programs, it is all there.

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Ready to join?

Click the button to visit the main California CAHF website and find member application forms.

Ready to join?

Click the button to visit the main California CAHF website and find member application forms.

Join Us