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Please refer to the resources found below for handouts from our past meetings and seminars.

Sept, 2017 Fall Symposium - Handout Materials and Presentations

CAHF Updates
Joe Diaz - Regional Director

Charlie’s Prezy
According to Charlie Brown

CMS Critical Pathway QAA

Employee Engagement
Martie L. Moore, RN, MAOM, CPHQ, Chief Nursing Officer

QAPI Plan Guide

QAPI Presentation

QASP & A Geriatricized Workforce
Mike Wasserman, MD, CMD

SNF Transfer Agreements
Christine J. Wilson, RN, JD

Entrance Conference LP

Entrance Conference Worksheet

Abuse Reporting & Residential Rights

Deanne Bedrails For Rap Session

EC Worksheet (5/2/18)

Jason Beldon_San Bernardino Rap Session

Reporting Table 5608 and 5609

CAHF Update by President Cornett


CAHF QAPI Slides 2018

CDPH CEP Pharmacy

Life Safety Presentation by CDPH

QASP Presentation

May, 2018 RAP Session - Handouts and Presentation Materials

May, 2018 Fall Symposium - Handouts and Presentation Materials

Fall Symposium Agenda  LGBTQ Rights Presentation  New Antibiotic Stewardship Program  QISC Outreach PPT and CAHF Update - 2018  Waiver ABCs - Template  Vendor Slides


CAHF Dietary Project - Carmen O’Connel

Food & Nutrition Services Update - Terri Blackwell Goetz

Immediate Jeopardy, Most Cited Tags/Critical Pathways - George Montaus

Navigating the Patient Driven Patient Model - Jennifer Breen

PDPM Nursing Category Flowchart

Phase 3 - Behavioral Health PPT - Jen

Phase 3 - Infection Control PPT - Kay

Phase 3 - PPT Call Lights Training - Abby

Phase 3 - PPT QAPI - Abby

ROP - Behavioral Health & Trauma - Dr Julie Futrell, PhD

ROP - Compliance Training for Phase 3 - Jillian Sommers Donovan, Esq

San Bernardino PPT - Regional Director’s Address - Joe Diaz

Sept 2019, Fall Symposium - Handouts and Presentation Materials