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San Bernardino/Riverside Chapter of CAHF

Welcome to the San Bernardino/Riverside Chapter of CAHF.  This chapter serves providers in the Inyo, Mono, Riverside and San Bernardino counties of California.

CAHF's members include:

Skilled-nursing facilities (SNFs) – Sometimes called "nursing homes" or "convalescent hospitals," these facilities provide comprehensive nursing care for chronically ill or short-term residents of all ages, along with rehabilitation and specialized medical programs.

Subacute-care facilities – Specialized units often in a distinct part of a nursing facility, subacute-care facilities focus on intensive rehabilitation, complex wound care and post-surgical recovery for residents of all ages who no longer need the level of care found in a hospital.

Intermediate-care facilities (ICFs) – In addition to room and board, these facilities provide regular medical, nursing, social and rehabilitative services for people not capable of full independent living.

Intermediate-care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities (ICFs/DD) – Known at the federal level as "ICFs/MR" (mental retardation), these facilities provide services for people of all ages with developmental disabilities. ICFs/DD-H (habilitative), ICFs/DD-CN (chronic nursing) and ICFs/DD-N (nursing) have home-like settings with an average of six beds. ICFs/DD are larger homes with 16 or more beds.

Institutes for mental health (SNF/STPs) – Designated in California as "special treatment programs," these facilities provide extended treatment periods for people of all ages with chronic mental health problems; most of the clients are younger than 65. Specialized staff serve clients in a secured environment.

Products and services providers – Individuals, firms and corporations which provide information, products and services for long-term care facilities and homes are part of CAHF's valuable network of associate (vendor) members.

Who We Serve

Our goal is to continuously develop the knowledge, skills and understanding required to constantly improve the level of care delivered throughout our industry and raise the status quo.

Kevin Thomas, President, SB-RIV-CAHF

On The Horizon

The San Bernardino / Riverside Chapter of CAHF is an organization comprised of facilities and companies located in the Inyo, Mono, Riverside and San Bernardino counties of California.

  1. Part of a much larger statewide organization and is located in Region 5 of the state organization.
  2. Membership is comprised of more than 1,250 licensed health facilities serving a myriad of needs
  3. CAHF supports its members through:

Who We Are

CAHF's overall mission is to provide leadership, advocacy and education for long-term health-care professionals who serve the needs of California residents:

Our Mission